By Walid’s ‘Zero Waste’ Philosophy

As featured in Because Magazine, October 2018

Words by: Because Magazine Contributor, Sara-Ella Ozbek.

It all started with a jacket... A jacket, crafted from 19th Century hemp linen and hand-finished with intricate embroidery. "Very simple, honest, and still my favourite," British-Iraqi visionary Walid al Damirji tells me earnestly. 

Six years on from that jacket, the designer has launched his first homeware collection – an extension of his fashion label, By Walid – that, earlier this week, he celebrated with a discussion at the Matches Fashion 5 Carlos Place townhouse entitled ‘The Luxury of Zero Waste’. 


Recycling Upcycling

As featured in Style By Walid

Words by: Nadia Michel

You’d be hard pressed to find a truly unique prêt-à-porter piece of clothing these days. Between mass production and an insatiable thirst for the latest trend that pervades our modern world, retail fashion has become a gargantuan cookie-cutter industry. It’s also one of few sectors that continue to grow rapidly despite economic woes, and is on track to pull in 2.6 trillion USD of sales in 2019 according to The State of Fashion report by BoF and McKinsey, which represents a 4 per cent growth on 2018.


The Dropouts

Words by: Matthew Gillespie Fashion Correspondent

Whether they’re disillusioned veterans, well-established artisans, or headstrong young talents, many designers have deserted the fashion show circus—and their numbers are growing.